What is CPA marketing, why, how? CPA Marketing Details and Some Questions Answered Episode!

CPA marketing is a very popular topic at present. As easy and fast as it is to earn income, it is as acceptable to new marketers as it is a source of confidence, which is very effective for their next step with online income. Similarly, in the eyes of many, it is now criticized by some dishonest marketers and some ignorant rationalists. In order to understand how CPA marketing can really help you as a newcomer, how to make your online career a success, you really need to know who is fake. Why? And how to do it? Let’s not know –

What is online marketing?

People who have heard of online income but are not yet doing anything on their own have some misconceptions as a result of not knowing well about certain words. One of these words is ‘Freelancing’. Some people think that freelancing is everything that comes with online income. Not really at all. Freelancing means working freely and being hired by someone for a short period of time. And in this case, the work he is doing is outsourcing.

Now let’s talk about online marketing. This is not something that is absolutely freelancing. However, if you are marketing any of his assets, business, products on behalf of a client, then he is outsourcing and in that case only you are freelancing. But if you do your own site or video marketing from which you earn revenue in a different way than doing someone else’s work, then it is online marketing and certainly not freelancing.

Affiliate marketing is when you get a commission by selling one or more products of an ecommerce site (such as Amazon) through a website or a Facebook page. There may be a service as a product. For example, if you sell a company’s web design service, it is a service.

What is CPA Marketing?

There are some things that marketers can promote that products or services do not fall into. These are called Action in simple language. For example: download something, share, register on any site etc.


Let’s give a simple example. Suppose the user is the main source of income for a company. So they want their site to grow. Then they will want to pay for individual user registration and if a marketer shares the benefits of the site through different means of marketing and people come to the company’s site to register for these benefits then the marketer will get income per registration.

Notice the image below. This is an image of a CPA campaign landing page –


What is CPA marketing, why, how? CPA Marketing Details and Some Questions Answered Episode!
What is CPA marketing, why, how? CPA Marketing Details and Some Questions Answered Episode!

Landing page of a CPA offer from Maxbounty. Here is the registration form of a job site in Sweden. Those who sign up for this registration form will get one or more iPhones through lottery. This is a user growth policy of the company where they are giving this offer to their registered users. And as a marketer, if you can register someone through this form, you will get $ 24 for each registration.

This is what CPA marketing is all about. Why do CPA marketing?

As an online marketer you can do different types of marketing. Such as affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, YouTube marketing, etc. SEO, SMM are also included in online marketing. Now the problem is that to be a marketer you have to have a good quality idea about the unique things online which is never really possible for a new person online. Doing online promotion on your own niche site or any other method is a lot of high level work which requires enough experience to do. So those who have been involved in freelance or other online earning methods for quite some time and have a good idea about freelance and outsourcing should only go into marketing. Otherwise, it becomes impossible to do as much research and work according to the rules.

But in the case of CPA marketing, if you can learn and work well, you can make a good income from the very beginning by working only as a rule without much research. Even fast income generation gives confidence to those who are new to online and started with CPA. They may think that online income is possible for me.


How to do CPA marketing?

CPA marketing is basically just like any other online marketing. It is not just a sale or a service promotion but a special kind of action is promoted here.

Regularly sharing different groups and pages on Facebook and sharing in the Google Plus community can earn a lot of money. Moreover, many people use unique marketing methods including email and Craigslist as marketing methods.

However, it does not take much time to identify yourself as a spammer if you do not act knowingly. The problem is if you provide a service information to someone you are not interested in at all. If you do this, other marketers will be stigmatized because of you.

There are many resources available online to learn CPA marketing. But you can’t learn too much from them. Because there is no way to learn from them and newcomers can’t understand very well if they don’t see it practically. You can learn by taking a course in a trusted training center. The idea that you will see the live work of your trainer while training is not easily available online.

The first thing you need to learn is computer and internet basic skills. And to work you must have your own personal computer and internet connection. And above all, you have to have the patience to work regularly.

Where to get CPA offer?

Now the thing is, you know the marketing method, you learned the job, everything is fine, where do you get the offers to promote?

Very straightforward. Do a Google search and search for ‘top cpa marketplace’. However, the following infographic gives you a list of the top 10 CPA marketplaces in this year’s survey –

What is CPA marketing, why, how? CPA Marketing Details and Some Questions Answered Episode!
What is CPA marketing, why, how? CPA Marketing Details and Some Questions Answered Episode!


How to make money?

This is probably one of the most absurd and unreasonable questions that newcomers ask because they do not know. Although this question is annoying to experts, it is the most important question for newcomers who want to learn or work, whether it is to learn CPA or affiliate. Because, the only thing they can’t believe is that I can earn virtual money by working on a computer. They do not know the real thing. And that is because there are several payment systems in operation around the world through which you can sit in one country and buy any product or service from another country and pay instantly. But these are not common in countries like Bangladesh. Because we are not so advanced in IT.

One or more of these payment systems use all marketplaces. The most popular of these payment systems are PayPal, Pioneer MasterCard, Skill, Neteller etc. All except PayPal can be easily used from our country. And since PayPal cannot be used directly from Bangladesh but is very popular and supported in most marketplaces, professionals do it using foreign addresses.

Another most popular method is Pioneer MasterCard. It is a dual currency mastercard meaning your earnings are in dollars or euros and you can withdraw money from ATM booths in the country where you live. And at that time the money is converted into your currency and withdrawn. This means that if you insert a Pioneer card into an ATM booth and withdraw Rs. 500, it will give you Rs.

You have to register to use these payment methods and then you have to pay as payment method in the market place where you are working. Then every month or every e-draw (according to the rules of any marketplace) the marketplace will send your income money to the account of your payment method.


The last word

CPA marketing or online marketing or online income may still have something to say about those who think it is a fairy tale, they do not read magazines or even keep an eye on the IT page. Because online success stories or success strategies are no longer limited to blogs or online media. Because the way of earning income is widening several times faster than the way our country’s job market is doing. So if the next generation grows up with IT knowledge then the word career war will be unknown to them and if it is not then they will stumble in search of career.

Hope you find this post useful. Hopefully from here you will get a complete and accurate idea about CPA marketing as well as online marketing.

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