Bangladesh International Days. List of national and international days in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country located in South Asia, making it one of the twenty-two world nations that
celebrate International Days on the month of November. Bangladesh was one of the earlier
countries to unite against what they saw as Western aggression towards their country during the
time of partition. The celebrations of Bangladesh recall those earlier days and are marked with a
number of activities that all over the world pay tribute to. The celebrations in Bangladesh follow a
different rhythm from that of India or Pakistan.

Bangladesh is one of the twenty-two countries that celebrate the D-day, which is called the
World Heritage day by UNESCO. The day is also celebrated with even more enthusiasm and
fervour in some other countries. Bangladeshis consider D-day to be the most joyous day of their
existence. Bangladesh is one of the twenty-two countries that observe D-day on the anniversary
of the independence day of Bangladesh. It is a day when Bangladesh and the world together to
celebrate the glorious history of this tiny nation.


The twenty-second World AIDS Day is also celebrated on the same day as Bangladesh’s D-day.
Bangladesh is one of the twenty-two countries that celebrate this World AIDS Day with great
pomp and pageantry. On the occasion of Bangladesh International AIDS Day, an AIDS
Education and Awareness Day is organized at the topmost level of government. There are many
countries around the world that have declared AIDS a deadly disease. Bangladesh has always
been one of the most affected countries by this scourge. Bangladesh declared AIDS a killer
disease in 2021.

Bangladesh International Days is also marked in the traditional manner with great zeal and
enthusiasm by the people of Bangladesh. These days are observed in different parts of the
country. All the religions of the country are honored during the celebrations. Muslim rituals like
the Ashura are conducted in the mosques and the community celebrations include a number of
cultural events and activities that are organized by the community and friends. Religious
celebrations are organized exclusively for the entire community and all the myths about the
religion are believed and appreciated.


Bangladesh is one of the oldest civilizations of the world. Its multicultural heritage and rich
history have left an impression on the minds of the people of this country. All these things are
celebrated in a spirit of celebration and joy. A number of countries celebrate the Islamic New
Year on this day. This festival is one of the major attractions of the community and tourists.

Bangladesh is also one of the very few countries that observe the full moon on the same date
throughout the year. The full moon ceremonies on this day are considered auspicious. A number
of countries celebrate the Hindu New Year on the Diwali or Bhaiduj which is a very auspicious
festival of lights. The festivals of other religions also do not match the popularity and feverish
popularity of the Bangladesh festivals. In Bangladesh itself, the most awaited festival is the
Ganesh Chaturthi or the New Year which is celebrated with great pomp and joy.

The other Bangladesh International days are also celebrated with great fervor and fanfare. On
the day of Ashura, which is the most popular Hindu religious festival, the entire community joins
in the pray and participate in the activities. The celebrations are so auspicious and the people
take full advantage of the opportunity to participate in various activities. They also get gifts from
their friends and family.

On the 25th September the whole nation celebrates the victory of the Mughal Emperor Akbar’s
army at the Battle offers in the Indus River. The whole nation also pays tribute to the soldiers
who lost their lives fighting the enemy. A number of communities celebrate this day with great
pomp and show. On the day of Eid-ul-Fitr, which is the festival of light and goodness, the
devotees visit the different shrines offering them prayers and take sweets and fruits as gifts.
Bangladesh is also a leading state of the Indian union.

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